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After All Metal!


   20/05  Koekelare (B)  Blaaspijp  Thrash Orgy
(as At Last)
+ Evil Sinner
+ M.O.P.
        v: Wijnand Desreveaux
g: Dries Van Damme
g: Christophe Depree
b: Peter Demeyer
d: Chris "Hazy" De Neve
   30/06  Sint-Andries (B)  Jagershof  (as At Last)
+ Calamity
+ Assembling The Rabbit
+ Destroyer
+ Naturimanto
  19/08 - 20/08  Sint-Kruis (B)  Studio Vanne  (as At Last)
Live Recording
"Peace On Earth" demo
Engineer: Vanne
   02/09  Maldegem (B)  Jeugdhuis  (as At Last)
+ Alcoholiday
+ Hysteria
   ??/09  Stalhile (B)  Repetitiekot  (as At Last)
+ Chronic Disease