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After All Metal!


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  "Waves Of Annihilation"   "Dawn Of The Enforcer"   "Cult Of Sin"   "This Violent Decline"   "The Vermin Breed"
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  "Mercury Rising"   "Dead Loss"   "Transcendent"   "Wonder"    
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  EP's & Singles
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  "Restore To Sanity"   "Rejection Overruled"   "Becoming The Martyr"   "Betrayed By The Gods"   "The Devil's Pathway"
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  "Armageddon Come"   "The Bereaved EP"   "No Recollection"   "Dusk"    
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   "Under One Flag"   "Ultraje"   "Rock Hard"   "Metal Hammer"   "Rock Tribune"
   Rock Tribune Sampler 2 CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD
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  "Rock Tribune"   "Metal Or Death"   "Rock Hard Dynamit 66"   "Terrorizer Fear Candy 69"   "Face Your Underground 7"
  Sampler CD   Sampler LP   Sampler CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD
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  "Rock Tribune"   "Rock Tribune"   "Metal Hammer"   "Rock Tribune"   "Midem 2000"
  Sampler CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD   Sampler CD
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   "Rookies Vol. 1"    "Greenbellies Vol. 23"            
   Sampler CD   Sampler CD