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After All Metal!


  September 2000
  I hope you like the new lay-out. It seems nothing much has changed, but believe: there has. Check out the Dates section regularly. It's easier to find now, and After All is having loads of gigs in the future.

The band also asked me to encode some MP3's... They will gradually be added to the Releases section one of the next weeks...

There have also been some changes to the Band pages, where you can find out everything about your favourite After All member now.

Furthermore, pictures from the Cactus Club's "Dead Loss" launch show were added. More photographs are being added thanks to Sam Claeys and Stefan Carlier for sharing this good stuff...

And finally, for those among you who like to tune in to a radioshow every now and then, check this out... After All has been invited for several interviews by the following Belgian radioshows:

September 13: Radio Actief - Oosteeklo - 'Overdrive'
September 17: Radio Superstar - Gent - 'Dangerzone'
September 18: Radio Panik - Brussels - 'Ondes de choc'
September 20: Radio Centraal - Antwerp - 'Shockreport'
October 3: Radio Tan Que Vive - Charleroi - 'Metal Zone'

  August 2000
  The festival attracted over 20,000 people... and After All were part of the deal -what more can one pray for? Anyways, we were glad to be on the bill and had a real good time. Once again we shared the stage with some of our favourite bands: Tiamat, Therion and Tristania... Muchas gracias go out to Alain Meulebrouck who offered the opportunity. Thank you very much! Pictures of our Eurorock show should be added to the Photographs section shortly." (Dries)
  July 2000
  After All has been added to the bill of the prestigeous gothic/metal/electro Eurorock Festival in Neerpelt (B). They will perform on Friday August 4th, the second day of the festival, in Marquee B, from 13h55 until 14h35. Other bands on that stage are Tiamat, Therion, Tristania, Haggard and The Sins Of Thy Beloved. Headlining acts on the festival are The Mission on Saturday August 5th and Front 242 on Sunday August 6th.
  The promotion activities for "Dead Loss" have reached full speed. There have been rave reviews in Mindview and Spin City. Interviews have been done with various radio stations and magazines. There's also some good news for our friends in France, as we're informed that "Dead Loss" is available over there since the end of June.

Rumour has it that After All possibly could do a small tour in Holland and Germany, later this year. Music Avenue is working out a tour package with some of their other signings. We'll update you as soon as have more information on that, so check back to these pages regularly.

"Meanwhile, we are already working on new material. With some five songs finished, we still have quite a lot of work to do, but at least we're trying hard, 'cause we don't you to have to wait another two years until the next album (as happened with "Dead Loss"). It's quite early to talk about the direction we're taking with the new stuff, but believe us, it's gonna be dark, doomy and heavy as hell... Till next month!" (Dries)
  June 2000
  At long last, "Dead Loss" has hit the record shops in Belgium and Holland. And as far as we know, the album is doing very well... The official live presentation of "Dead Loss" turned out to be a great success. The Cactus Club in hometown Bruges was packed, with almost 400 die hard fans. Thank you for the support, people! Cyclone singer Guido Gevels joined us on stage to perform "Erase Your Past". After that, the band slammed through "In The Grip Of Evil", the Cyclone classic from their 1986 debut album "Brutal Destruction", with Guido on lead vocals and Piet on backings. That was sooo cool! For Guido, it was his first live performance since the last Cyclone show in February 1993... After All thanks you for the honour, Guido!! Pictures from the Cactus show should be added soon...
  May 2000
  Rokarola Records has confirmed that the Benelux release of "Dead Loss" will take place at the end of May. The exact date when the CD hits the shops will probably be May 29th. Meanwhile, there's also a release commitment for the German territory. Music Avenue has signed a new contract with German distributor Bellaphon.

After All will officially present the new album "Dead Loss" live on Friday June 2nd, in hometown Brugge, at the Cactus Club, Sint-Jacobsstraat 33 (near the city centre). Support acts are Cowboys & Aliens (stonerrock from Brugge) and The Difference (goth influenced metal from Lovendegem). Show starts at 20h30. For more dates, check the Agenda.
  April 2000

After All is proud to announce a two cd record deal with Rokarola Records, a division of Brussels based Music Avenue, subsidiary of Roadrunner. So, the rumours that have been circulating in the scene for the last three months are true!

It's taken a lot of patience -the recording of the "Dead Loss" album was finished in August 1999 and we turned down an offer to release the album through a small independent label- but we wanted the best, and the best we got...

The first release, "Dead Loss", will be on May 22nd 2000 in the Benelux. Marketing and distribution will be taken care of by Roadrunner. (The rest of Europe will probably have to wait for "Dead Loss" until August...)
Distributors are:

Benelux : RAM (Roadrunner Arcade Music Group)
France : M10/Musidisc Distribution Service
Italy : Frontiers
Greece : Velvet Music
Austria : Hoanzi
Switzerland : K-Tel
England : Apex/BMG
Scandinavia : MNW
Germany : (under negotiation)

More news and release dates when we have them. Soon available on this page: the date of the official live presentation of "Dead Loss".

  March 2000
  After All is negotiating with an "interesting" record company about the release of the brand new "Dead Loss" album (European release around April/May) and the re-release of "Transcendent" and "Wonder". No name can yet be given...
  February 2000
  "The Bereaved EP" will be released by the Swedish Near Dark label, and a limited split EP with the Belgian Patriarch will be released by the brandnew Belgian CanniBaelus label.

The "Revelations" compilation (which would have featured After All) has been dropped. There is, however, a new compilation which will feature After All's "Erase Your Past", a song from the forthcoming "Dead Loss" album. More details in the Releases.