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After All Metal!


  This Violent Decline (2006)

1. Frozen Skin
2. Violent Decline
    (Drawn To The Devil)
3. Blackest Moon
4. Sacraments For The Damned
5. Without Reason
6. Monolith #11
7. Ruins Of Bones
8. To Haunt You
9. The Harlot
10. Blind Euphoria 2006
11. Second Time Around

Bonus Track:
1. Frozen Skin (Video)

  Produced by After All      
  Recorded by Dee J.      
  Mixed by Fredrik Nordström
  Mastered by Tue Madsen      
  Dockyard 1 CD
  Locomotive Music USA CD
  Soyuz Music Russia CD
  Killer Metal Records LP (Printed inner sleeve / Available in Black and Yellow Vinyl)
  discog_albums_thisviolentdecline LP  


LP Version = different artwork