18-Apr-2024 Östersund, Sweden - Studioscenen
19-Apr-2024 Piteå, Sweden - Studio Acusticum
20-Apr-2024 Luleå, Sweden - Kulturens hus
22-Apr-2024 Stockholm,  Sweden - Melodybox
23-Apr-2024 Näsby, Sweden - Carla's Café
24-Apr-2024 Malmö, Sweden - Folk å Rock
25-Apr-2024 Kristianstad, Sweden - Kulturkvarteret
26-Apr-2024 Falkenberg, Sweden - Tryckhallen
27-Apr-2024 Joldelund, Germany - Gerd's Juke Joint
28-Apr-2024 Joldelund, Germany - Gerd's Juke Joint / duo show
30-Apr-2024 Norderstedt, Germany - Music Star
01-May-2024 Bremen, Germany - Meisenfrei
02-May-2024 Leiden, Netherlands - Qbus - Tickets
03-May-2024 Weert, Netherlands - Moulin Blues Festival
04-May-2024 Dortmund, Germany - Musiktheater Piano  - Tickets          
07-May-2024 Burglengenfeld, Germany - VAZ
08-May-2024 Zwickau, Germany - St Barbara
09-May-2024 Eppstein, Germany - Wunderbar - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
10-May-2024 Kufstein, Austria - KuFa - Tickets
11-May-2024 Ludwigshafen, Germany - DasHaus  - Tickets
12-May-2024 Krefeld, Germany - Kulturrampe  - Tickets
14-May-2024 Madrid, Spain - El Sol - Tickets
15-May-2024 Jerez, Spain - La Guarida Del Angel - Tickets
16-May-2024 Castellon, Spain - Sala Because
17-May-2024 Valencia, Spain - Loco Club - Tickets   
18-May-2024 Peer, Belgium - Blues Peer Festival - Tickets
19-May-2024 Schöppingen, Germany - International Blues Festival - Tickets    
21-May-2024 Santander, Spain - Niagara
22-May-2024 Bilbao, Spain - Antzokia - Tickets
23-May-2024 A Coruña, Spain - Mardi Gras - Tickets
24-May-2024 Aviles, Spain - TBA
25-May-2024 Vallés, Spain - Bocanegra - Tickets
26-May-2024 San Sebastian, Spain - Dabadaba


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