Hard drinking, party loving Australian rock n roll outfit Dirt River Radio are
getting ready to release a new record. With a bunch of new songs, more
expensive habits and that same "as long as it's the truth" attitude, they are
getting ready to head across Europe for the second time- undertaking their
Postcards From The Road Tour, a full month of shows across seven countries the
EU in August/September 2016, once again presented by Teenage Head Music.

Currently holed up in an inner city Melbourne studio with Producer Richard
Stolz, the band are putting the final touches on their third album titled
"Sun City White".

The first song offering from the forthcoming album is "Postcards From The
Road", a high energy double-acoustic-guitar driven romp influenced by old
bluegrass and debaucherous Irish folk punk, all delivered at break-neck speed,
with loads of finger and flat picking guitar styles all topped-off with
heart-felt, rollicking and drunken sing-along about missing a mate while
on the road touring.

The second beast out of the cage is "The Cocksucking Blues", taking The
Dirties into heavier, darker territory with a more traditional rock sound
that leans towards the familiar punch of the classic Aussie Pub Rock bands.

Drawing on diverse influences, other tracks yet to be revealed on the new
album promise to expand on the minimalist approach used on their debut record's
acclaimed "All My Friends'.

Formed back in 2008 by longtime friends Heath and Danger, this will be Dirt
River Radio's third album release in Europe, Asia and Australia. To add to the
festivities Team DRR are so happy to welcome back to the group long time bass
player Ant Casey. Ironically the song "Postcards" was penned facing the 2014
EU Tour without Ant Casey in the team. Therefore "Postcards" seems to be a
poetic and fitting first taste of the new record, especially since DRR have
their Prodigal brethren back on board. After a two-year break from the band
Ant (ex Tenpenny Joke vocalist) has returned, bringing with him drummer Matt
Bray (Previously the drummer for Australian band 28 Days and funk legends
Nudist Funk Orchestra). Bray brings an incredible groove to the band and the
six piece, complemented by the sweet, soulful voices of Kellie Fernando Bird
and Sarah Fagan, collectively cannot wait to get in the Teenage Head van and
rip their way across the European Continent.

Seasoned live performers after smashing through countless shows around Australia,
playing at festivals alongside Santana, Steve Miller and Tony Joe White, and
touring Europe - Dirt River Radio are now looking forward to bringing the new Sun
City White record on the road with them. Firstly, to their European fan base,
returning for an Australian Summer Tour followed by their first trip to Japan
in 2017.
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