Dirt River Radio (aka The Dirties) are a six-piece band from Melbourne Australia,
featuring a classic rock line-up of two Gretsch guitars, bass, drums and the
magnificent `Dirtettes’ on backing vocals. ‘The Dirties’ have evolved from humble
St Kilda beginnings (2008), into a world-class rock-n-roll outfit as they proudly
release their fourth studio album and announce their third European tour, taking
place in Sept/Oct 2018.

The Dirties’ Aussie-rock sound delivers a tasty swag of heartfelt tunes and at times
truly brutal snapshots of life, all wrapped up with volatile live shows and the
undeniable Dirty charm and honesty. Having shared the stage with the likes of Jim Ward
(At The Drive In), Carlos Santana, Tony Joe White and Chris Isaak among many others,
this is a seasoned rock outfit, driven to deliver their authentic songs to audiences
far and wide.

The Dirties line-up features stalwarts Danger Alexander (guit/vocals) and Heath ‘Hellvis’
Brady (guit/vocals), riffing over the bass-lines and drumming of Ants Casey and Matt Bray,
with the amazing Dirtettes, Sarah ‘Lips’ Fagan and Kellie `The Boss’ Fernando-Bird,
drenching the album with their seductive backing vocals. This menacing incarnation of the
band have written a vibrant clutch of new songs for album number four (Just for Kicks), a
departure from the band’s previous dark offering `Sun City White’, giving a nod to early
Australian rock bands such as The Divinyls, Australian Crawl and The Angels.

On top of the four film clips released by Dirt River Radio in 2017, their classic track “All
my Friends” is a regular on radio playlists around the globe as well as inspiring many a
crowd chorus at gigs. A triumphant ode to friendship, this song deeply affects listeners
and frequently finds itself appearing at both weddings and funerals.

Team Dirty are pumped to be delivering another quality studio album, so spread the word
and stay tuned for further announcements, gigs, film clips and the regular updates on
social media!!
For more info, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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