Jim Wilson (born James Wilson, Delaware) is an American guitarist in the band
Mother Superior, and previously in the Rollins Band. He is a professional musician
known for his soulful vocals and powerful blues-rock guitar work. He also plays
guitar and bass with Daniel Lanois. Wilson hails from Delaware, but currently
resides in Los Angeles, California.

A founder member of the blues rock trio Mother Superior who as a band have worked
with Lemmy, Queens of the Stone Age, Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, Emmylou Harris,
Anthrax, Wayne Kramer, George Clinton, and Iggy Pop. They were also approached
by Henry Rollins in 1999 and asked to become 3/4 of the Rollins Band, an offer
which they accepted. Mother Superior has released their eighth studio album Three
Headed Dog in 2007. Along with the other members of Mother Superior, Wilson has
recorded and appeared with Daniel Lanois in 2006, 2007, and 2011.

Wilson has also made live appearances with Sparks, notably in 2008 during the
Sparks Spectacular, where they played each of their 21 albums in their entirety
over 21 nights in London.
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