Sweat and style are the high-geared twin axles of Speedbuggy. The sweat? Well,
it’s their own. Speedbuggy are one of the hardest playing bands in country
music, putting their nitro-fueled brand on a genre that’s been the soundtrack
to American life for nearly 100 years.

And the style? That’s theirs, too, Speedbuggy arrived at their unique sound
through the prism of experience, history and a love for some of the greatest
music from country’s past. with inspiration from the hard twanging Bakersfield
sound of Buck Owens and his Buckeroos, followed by Merle Haggard. A style of
country music loud and proud enough to cut through the noise of roadhouses
packed with blue-collar crowds out for a good time after a week of slaving
in oil fields and farms. “It was working man’s music, and that’s exactly the
kind of songs we write,” says Speedbuggy's lyricist and frontman, Timbo.
“They’re songs about hard jobs, drinking and loving; real stories about
real people.

Speedbuggy’s historic foundation is the romance of the Wild West. Especially
as it was portrayed in the movies and the music of the great singing
cowboys Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. “We’re on a mission to put the ‘western’
back in country & western music,” Timbo insists. “Some of the most beautiful
portraits of the American landscape and way of life are in those songs about
riding the trails across the mountains, plains and rivers, and about making
a new life in a land full of promise. That used to be part of the great
American dream – the working man’s dream — and we don’t see any good
reason to let it die.”

Right now Speedbuggy are poised at a drag-strip green light to their future.
They’re recording a new album to capture their unique, time-jumping music
at its peak. And they’re rarin’ to burn plenty of rubber on the road in
the U.S. and Europe, aiming to prove that real, strong-hearted country
(& western!) music has — and deserves — a place in everybody’s heart.
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