Captain Ivory is a five-piece indie rock band that combines soaring, high-energy
vocals with dirty, blues-infused guitar licks, and a rhythm section that'll have
you in the groove before you know it. Combine this all with soulful songwriting
and delivery, and you get a genre-busting rock n' roll sound bound to make you
reach for the volume dial. The Motor City is a down and dirty place to be these
days.  Captain Ivory’s music reflects this sentiment with a raw power that
mirrors the crumbled rubble of a Detroit city street.  The same streets that
laid the groundwork for some of Rock N’ Roll’s most acclaimed artists–Captain
Ivory kept their ear to the pavement to blend sounds both new and old.  A
sound of legends who’ve walked before, with a twist of new that is sure to get
your feet tapping and hands clapping… The band’s formation rose out of an
unlikely meeting across the globe, in Rome, Italy, where lead guitarist Robbie
Bolog, and keyboardist Steve Zwilling found themselves on the same backpacking
trip, leading to an immediate connection over a mutual love for the blues, folk,
and early rock n’ roll music of the late 60’s/early 70’s. Back stateside in
Southeast Michigan, and fresh off of a spontaneous road trip from Nashville,
Tennessee, Zwilling enlisted Bolog & college roommate Jayson Traver, who
happened to be a world class vocalist and gifted guitarist, to join in an
impromptu jam session that would result in the earliest formation of the Captain
Ivory sound. Soon after, drummer Justin Leiter, a seasoned Detroit-area musician,
added his eclectic combination of outlaw country and punk rock rhythm influences
to the lineup. The bassist role in the group saw its share of rotation in the
first year of gigging and recording, before settling on talented local groove-
master, Brett Smith. Together the group of five make a formidable lineup, and
produce a massive rock n’ roll sound with a wide array of influences. If Chris
Cornell and Muddy Waters had a baby, and gave it to Jack White to raise, Captain
Ivory would be it.  After a solid year of extensive writing, gigging, and
refining their catalog of original music, the group hit their stride and enlisted
Dave Feeny (Jack White, Loretta Lynn, Blanche, American Mars) & Tempermill
Studios to record & produce their debut album. With an early 2014 release of
the self-titled album on Gangplank Records, Captain Ivory forges ahead with a
series of game changing moves in the works for the second half of 2014,
including a full schedule of summer festivals, relocation to Nashville, Tennessee,
and booking a six week European tour in early 2015. Already making major waves in
an industry over-saturated with indie bands, Captain Ivory’s relentless work
ethic, and painstaking attention to detail in everything they release makes them
a serious contender for the next household name in rock n’ roll.
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