Life’s unpredictable purpose always seems to stem from life’s worst tragedies.
That is just how Goodbye June was created. In June of 2005, guitarist Tyler
Baker received the worst news of his life. His brother, PFC Shane Baker, was
home on leave from the military and had been in a fatal car accident. His cousins
Brandon Qualkenbush, Landon Milbourn and the rest of the family traveled to
southern Indiana to comfort and ease the sting of unexpectedly losing a close
loved one. For the next few weeks, the three cousins stayed together to comfort
each other, reminisce about old times, laugh and cry over memories and, of course,
play music together which essentially lead to the three of them writing songs to
help pass the time.

In the months that followed, Landon, Brandon, and Tyler, all first cousins, began
spending more time together in a makeshift rehearsal space in Tyler’s basement.
“Music became a healthy emotional release,” says Landon, “which helped us to
start the healing process and move forward with our lives.” When songs formed,
they would take them to a local studio used to record jingles and radio commercials
and started recording a demo. Once the demo was ready and they had a few shows
under their belt, their family and friends began asking what their band name was.
“We decided to name the band Goodbye June, to honor the memory of our brother
passing and encapsulate what inspired the beginnings of this band,” explains
Brandon, “if he wouldn’t have passed, I’d probably still be painting and never
would have pursued music as a career.”

Brandon’s father, a Pentecostal preacher, and Landon’s father, a choir director,
evangelized throughout the Bible belt during their childhood. Naturally, the
cousins played and sang during these fiery Pentecostal church services. However,
their musical influences are not confined to only the music they played in the
sanctuary. “I would go and play at the Player’s Pub [a local blues bar in
Bloomington, Indiana] and sit in on songs by anyone from Stevie Ray Vaughan to
Booker T & The MG’s,” says Tyler. “It changed the way I thought about music.
The music was built around moving people, much like the gospel music I was used
to playing.” During their teens, Landon and Brandon found themselves listening
to the secular music that was never allowed in their homes during childhood.
“I remember sneaking in Bush’s Razorblade Suitcase record into my room and
playing it with the volume turned down so low I had to have my ear right next
to the speaker so my parents couldn’t hear it,” reminisces Brandon. You can
hear these shadows of black gospel, blues, and old country hymns mixed into
Goodbye June’s brand of rock.

Over the next three years after that long summer of 2005, the boys of Goodbye
June began playing their material across the Midwest. They packed up their
equipment in a borrowed trailer from a close family friend, and played to
whoever would give them a stage. They returned home with stories about near
death experiences, sleepless, rowdy nights and a flock of new fans throughout
the Midwest. Goodbye June was on the map, and they have been pushing forward
ever since. In 2009, taking the advice of close friends in the music industry,
the cousins made the plunge and moved to Nashville TN, and became part of
Music City’s emerging rock scene.

The members of Goodbye June have spent much of the past decade honing their
skill as songwriters along with their proficiency as vocalists and musicians.
Although Landon and Brandon are principally identified playing acoustic
guitar and electric guitar, both cousins also play piano, drums, accordion
and most anything else with strings or keys. Tyler always joked that he could
“just play guitar” and that made him less of a man when compared to his
multi-talented 1st cousins. Clearly, however, the sum of their collective
efforts makes for a much greater musical experience. They typically write
together and draw off of each other’s ideas. Being strong songwriters
individually, and even stronger as a unit, there is never any shortage of
material to build songs around. They have no set method to the songwriting
process; the only constant is that everyone gets involved at some point.
The fact is, the cousins of Goodbye June are constantly working on their
music and perfecting their artistry, because they know that's what it takes
to make music that matters.

Their debut album "Nor The Wild Music Flow" released last year alongside
their highly anticipated debut music video "Microscope" featuring St. Louis
Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and country star Steve Holy. The guys are
extremely excited for what’s to come in 2013. They just announced a new
album coming soon with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Moak. The band is
fired up about the yet to be titled sophomore project, stating "we want
this album to showcase our grit and soul by focusing on straight up rock
'n roll." The band is currently in Europe where they are touring through
a number of countries during a 6-week stint across the Atlantic.

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