The roller coaster ride that is being in a successful rock and roll band never
ends. Hogjaw is about to take its fourth ride with its upcoming release, “IF IT
AIN’T BROKE…” which will be released this summer June 18th, 2013. Expect the
album to be just that - short for, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which is
the philosophy members JB Jones (Guitar/vox), Elvis D (Bass), Kreg (Lead Guitar)
and Kwall (Drums/Vox) have taken on. Don’t try to change who you are!!!
And expect the unexpected…

Like what was said of the first record, “Like a four-wheel drive, Hogjaw have
gone off-road into the music industry, and taken it head-on, brandishing their
own trail of rock & roll.” Well, they have remained on the same road that’s now
more traveled en-route. This road can take many twists and turns, of course,
but it also leads to some beautiful scenery and places that so many other
artists do not understand how to arrive at because of the molding by the
music industry that keeps so many on the same old trail.

Hogjaw have released three studio records since 2008: “Devil in the Details,”
“Ironwood” (2010), and “Sons of the Western Skies” (2012). This collection
of songs is what defines the band, period. About to embark on a fourth release
with (engineer/producer) Byron Filson at Villain Recording, it is strongly
believed no fan will be disappointed! “IF IT AIN’T BROKE” will feature songs
like; “Shiny Brass”, “Am I wrong?”, “Cold Dead Fingers”, “One More Little
One”, and these are just a few of the tracks from this Southwestern band’s
next offering.

The live performances, which are another big factor in how bands shape
themselves, are something that Hogjaw definitely prides themselves in.
They have found themselves not only touring through North America, but
even abroad in Europe & Scandinavia. In 2011 Hogjaw joined forces with
booking agency Teenage head Music, enabling them to perform for fans in
places they never dreamt they’d visit. Now, the 3rd European tour is
booked and a 2nd tour of North America is coming together!

ITunes, CDBABY, & Southern Records.DE (for vinyl) are a few places you
can find Hogjaw’s music. They have had songs used in TV shows like “Army
Wives” (Lifetime network),”3 Gun Nation” (versus network), and four
wheeling video by “Yankee Truck Night.” The band has released four videos
that were filmed, edited and produced by JB Jones - another Co-Produced by
Jim Rinkenberger at Image Ave Studios (Hells Half Home of Mine) - one of which
(“Gitsum”), spawned notoriety as an anthem for the bands Second Amendment views.
There is also the possibility of a live video release later on in the year as
some good footage was taken in Spain on the 2012 travels.

Far from the end of their journey, these four friends from the same high school
are living their dream of writing music together, and performing what they enjoy,
just how they like it. What’s next for these Arizona guys? The next plausible step
is to just move forward, because “IF IT AIN’T BROKE…,” don’t fix it!! Here’s to
more music, travel & fun!

For more info, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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