Red Beard is the name behind Canary Islander Jaime Jimenez Fleitas. The musician
use Country rock and Southern Rock as the main axis of his music, along with Blues
and bits of Folk. From that point and beyond, Red Beard spreads an imaginary world
in which the outlaws carry the scriptures recorded in their guts. As Johnny Cash
used to do, watching Jesus on fire while meeting the devil itself. Arid,
penetrating and hypnotic sounds are the essence of their three albums: Nobody’s
Gonna Bring Me Down Vol 1, and Vol 2 (released in 2014 and 2015 respectively)
and  “All or Nothin’”. Now a new album “Dakota” is coming, closer to Southern
rock than the other ones.

Red Beard, releases their fourth album, titled “Dakota’. The band hardens the
sound around Country and Western that have accompanied them from their beginnings,
with a record that is closer to rock than the two previous ones. Their first
three albums, Nobody’s Gonna Bring Me Down I and II and “All or Nothin’ “
defined a first stage of remarkable activity in the history of Red Beard.

This new work does not deviate too much from the furrow carved with the previous
albums, although the differences, that exist, are perceptible after the first
listen. There are still echoes of The Allman Brothers Band and everything that
flows in that wide field called Americana music. ‘We wanted this album to have
things from the previous albums, like western, and country, although we have
leaned more towards southern rock and even towards classic rock, as can be seen
in the song Something Real’, explains Jaime Jiménez. This year, Red Beard will
keep touring around their country, and visiting the United States and some
European countries.
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